RUGUI MELT is a steel mill with a capacity for 250,000 tons / year. It is equipped with three induction furnaces for the melting of high-quality ferrous scrap in a process that is environmentally sound.
It also employs a Ladle Furnace (LF) and another Vacuum Degassing (VD) facility, in order to produce steels with special cleaning requirements. 90% of the steel is subjected to this degassing process.
The steel mill features 8-metre radius strand casting, consisting of a nozzle submerged in a trough and mould, electromagnetic stirring, four cooling zones, and an oxyfuel cutting system.


In the rolling process, the billet is heated up to 1150º and then transformed into special profiles through cylinders that have been previously custom-machined using our latest-generation lathe.
Throughout this process several temperature checks are carried out to meet the customer’s quality requirements.


In the calibration process, the special hot-rolled profile is subjected to a cold drawing process that makes it possible to obtain great precision in the profile’s tolerances.